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Welcome to the Postmile Services Postmile Query Tool

(This window can be dismissed by clicking the close button (Image of close button) at right, and retrieved with the image of Show Help Button button above the top-right corner of the map.)

The Postmile Query Tool enables you to explore California's Linear Reference System. You can validate postmiles, convert between postmiles and geo-coordinates, and determine the state odometer associated with a postmile or geo-coordinate. This window enables you to view a collection of help pages explaining what this tool is and how to use it.

Help topics

This page references data in the Postmile Web Service. The data is provided by the California Department of Transportation.

For further information

The following is a document (Adobe Portable Document Format — PDF) where you can learn more about Postmiles and California's Linear Reference System:
This application is being updated for digital accessibility and will continue to function while updates are in progress.